Minecraft 1.16.0 Download

Download the full version of Hellish Minecraft Update 1.16.0 for free on Android with a working Xbox Live and enjoy a completely new nether world!

Minecraft PE 1.16.0 Nether Update – What’s New?

Finally, the developers at Mojang Studios have released the highly anticipated Nether Update. In Minecraft 1.16.0, Hell has undergone huge changes. Now the player, once in the lower world, will meet with a completely different dimension.


With the release of Minecraft 1.16.0, 4 new mobs have appeared in the game:

Name Description
Hoglin Creatures are hostile towards the player. They live in a crimson forest and are very fond of gold. Piglins do not attack the player if he is equipped with gold armor.
Piglin Unlike piglins, they are neutral towards the player. Hoaglin is the only mob in the Lower World of Minecraft 1.16.0 that drops meat upon death.

Piglin in Minecraft 1.16.0

Strider Also, like hoglins, they are neutral towards the player. Striders lend themselves to taming.
Zoglin The extremely aggressive creature in Minecraft1.16.0. Attacks both the player and other mobs.

Hoglin, upon entering the ordinary world, after a while turns into zoglin.


Along with mobs, new biomes have appeared in Minecraft 1.16.0. There are 5 of them: crimson and distorted forests, a valley of sand of souls, a basalt delta, and the remains of a bastion.

Crimson tree in Minecraft 1.16.0

Separately, it should be said about the basalt delta and the remains of the bastion. The first location is distinguished by its interesting and mysterious atmosphere. And the second, in turn, contain chests with good resources. When traveling through an ordinary or hellish world in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16.0, you can stumble upon a destroyed portal.


With the release of Minecraft 1.16.0, new material has appeared in the game – nether for the first time in a long time. To obtain it, you first need to get a block of ancient (generated at the height of 13-22 blocks) remnants in hell with a diamond pickaxe. Then it needs to be melted down to get netherite scrap.

Netherite ingot in Minecraft 1.16.0

And already, from 4 netherite scraps and four gold ingots, you can get netherite itself. You can use it to upgrade your diamond items. In Minecraft 1.16.0, netherite armor or tools do not burn in lava.

Download Minecraft 1.16.0

Name MCPE Nether Update
Version 1.16.0
Date 23.06.2020
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 100 МБ

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