Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Create your adventures right now and enjoy the updated touch controls and other novelties in the cubic world.

Minecraft Skins and Mob Sounds

Great news for every user of the blocky world is the release of a new version of their favorite game. And it is worth noting that the developers of Mojang Studios delight players with updates with enviable regularity.

In Minecraft PE, several bugs and crashes have been fixed, as well as sound parameters have been changed and touch controls have been improved.

New features

First of all, it is worth noting that in Minecraft, users can choose from a larger number of different skin options for their hero. This expands the possibilities of showing your personality and style.

Also in this version, unusual use of items such as mob heads becomes available to players. Previously, they could only be used as decoration, and now they can be useful in the process of protecting the home.

Mob Sounds from Minecraft 1.20

The fact is that if you put one of them on the Note Block, everyone around you will hear the sound made by this creature. Provided that the design is well camouflaged, it can scare away uninvited guests who are afraid of meeting with a Creeper or a Dragon.

Home Improvement

The process of construction and further arrangement usually takes a lot of time for players and is very exciting. Use Chiseled Bookshelf to keep all the books at hand and have access to them at any time.

Chiseled Bookshelfs from Minecraft 1.20

Also decorate the entrance to the room with Hanging Signs, which in Minecraft PE are also presented in the version with double chains.

Hanging Signs from Minecraft 1.20

By the way, a new material for construction – bamboo is already widely used among players. It has an unusual texture and decorates any building.

Bamboo Blocks from Minecraft 1.20

The Desert Traveler

When the time comes to set off, there is no creature more convenient for moving than a Camel. Its dimensions in Minecraft allow two travelers to move on horseback at once, as well as to take with them a chest with all the necessary things.

Camel from Minecraft 1.20

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 161 МБ