BMW Mod for Minecraft PE

Download BMW Mod for Minecraft PE: take an unforgettable trip around the cubic world on the coolest cars in modern history.

BMW Mod for Minecraft PE

What is new in BMW Mod?

Any Minecraft PE player knows that there is no built-in transport in the standard version. Of course, you can ride various animals, for example, a camel or a horse. But driving modern transport is a completely different emotion.

Inside the Car from BMW Mod for Minecraft PE

Moreover, BMW Mod offers the heroes the fastest and coolest cars in history. Each of them represents a fully ready-to-travel device that will take the player and his friends anywhere.

To get an item, you can use a spawn egg or one of the commands / summon BMW: and then choose from the suggested options.


The design of this truly legendary car was taken from the popular computer game Need for Speed. Moreover, this is not just a transport, but a high-speed model that will allow the heroes to arrange real races in Minecraft PE.

M3 from BMW Mod for Minecraft PE

By the way, there is enough space in it to comfortably accommodate 4 players at once and even a compartment for things is provided. The authors of the BMW Mod have also provided excellent sound and animation. Choose from several color options and hit the road.

M3 from BMW Mod for Minecraft PE


In the real world, this vehicle is famous for its technical characteristics and the ability to accelerate to very fast speeds in a matter of seconds. In Minecraft PE, it was also endowed with excellent properties.

135i from BMW Mod for Minecraft PE

Now the heroes can move around the territory comfortably or even arrange competitions with their friends, just install the BMW Mod.

The M5

is the most realistic model of all presented in this assembly, it is a car produced in 2021. Completely recreated in Minecraft PE in the smallest detail.

Dark Grey from BMW Mod for Minecraft PE

The authors of the BMW Mod even provided the possibility of changing the color, for this you will need dyes. Go exploring the surrounding space in comfort.

Download BMW Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
BMW M3 1.13.0 – 1.20.51 Download-Mod


135i 1.14.0 – 1.20.51 Download
M5 1.16.0 – 1.20.51 Download

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