Minecraft PE 0.14.2

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.2: use the new Redstone mechanisms to automate various processes, and also try to defeat the evil witch in the swamps.

Minecraft 0.14.2

Minecraft 0.14.2: Overworld Update

The next update did not take long to wait and again pleases users with interesting and unusual features. The developers have added several new animations: for lava, fire, and the entrance to the Nether.

But the ability to turn on and off the movement of water was disabled. This was done to avoid possible errors in Minecraft PE 0.14.2. The Inventory button has also been changed, now it is displayed in gray.

Redstone mechanisms

It became possible to use various mechanisms working with Redstone in Minecraft 0.14.2. Droppers have appeared at the disposal of players – these are special blocks that can throw objects.

Dropper from Minecraft 0.14

For example, if you place containers in front of him, he will fill them. Comparator allows you to compare two signals with each other. The repeater has three main functions, it is a diode, a signal amplifier, and a delay element.

Comparator from Minecraft 0.14

By the way, players can also use Hopper and Dispenser, they will also be useful in the process of survival.

A new danger

Moving through the swamps at night has now become much more dangerous. That is where you can meet a real witch. She looks like a villager, but her clothes are purple.

Witches from Minecraft 0.14

Having met her in Minecraft PE 0.14.2, the player may die, because she can deal even with a hero in diamond armor. In her arsenal, there are many potions that she will throw at the victim.


In the mines deep underground, players will find new items: Minecarts. They can be used to transport goods or to harm the enemy.

Minecart with Chest from Minecraft 0.14

In Minecraft PE 0.14.2, there are three varieties of these objects, they can be equipped with a chest, funnel, or even TNT. Players can even take it for themselves to use it for household needs in the future.

Minecart with Hopper from Minecraft 0.14

Download Minecraft PE 0.14.2

Name Minecraft Pocket Edition
Version 0.14
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size  20 МБ

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