Block Armor Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Block Armor Mod for Minecraft PE: get brand new protective gear with unique properties and be safe.

Block armour for Minecraft PE

Block Armor Mod for MCPE

Survival in Minecraft is hard work for many players. At such a time, it is important to monitor your safety carefully . The armor helps with this easy.


The mod will add new equipment to the game. New armor in Minecraft PE is created from the most common blocks. For example, blocks of ice, luminous dust, obsidian, etc.

Various armor for Minecraft PE

Each set gives certain abilities. Here are some of them:

  • Glowing Armor – light emission;
  • Magmatic Armor – cooking food inside the armor itself. To do this, a Minecraft PE player needs to put on the whole set and click on the screen with food in the hand
  • Wool Armor – sleeping without a bed anywhere. To activate, Steve has to sit down and click on the button that appears;
  • Prismarine Armor – breathing underwater. If a Minecraft player does not put on all the armor elements, then he simply will not be able to go underwater;
  • Ice Armor – walking on water;
  • Armor made of slime –  staying safety when falling. If the kit is incomplete, the armor will not work.

Glowstone Armor for Minecraft PE

So far, 26 types of armor are available, but with each update, this number will only increase. Each of them has different protection characteristics: the resistance granted depends on the rarity and quality of the material. All recipes in Minecraft PE are similar to the classic ones and are available in the workbench. The entire reservation is created according to the standard crafting system, only instead of ores, the Minecraft player must use blocks.

Crying obsidian armor for Minecraft PE

Steve can enchant armor, as well as ordinary armor, and safely use the anvil. With the Block Armor mod, a user can purchase armor. Due to the variety of different types of armor, he can choose the one that suits his style of play and preferences. There will be a lot of armor sets in this mod, so it is strongly recommended to try each of them until Steve finds a characteristic that matches his game style.

Download Block Armor Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Block Armor 1.16.0 – 1.19.30 Download

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