Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE use the capabilities of tamed wolves that will bravely fight any opponents on the side of the players.


Minecraft Copper Update

For each player to fully appreciate the benefits of the gameplay, the developers of Mojang Studios put a lot of effort into it. By the way, now those users who want to test their skills in a more difficult environment are invited to use Hardcore mode.

But it is worth noting that these trials in Minecraft PE are not for the faint of heart. For those who like to travel and search for valuables, the authors suggest using a map that can be purchased from a Cartographer.

Previously, a failure was noted when activating the resource package in Create New World and Edit World. There is a change in this version that should mitigate it.

The search for the Trial Chamber

For each user not to spend a lot of time searching for the Trial Chamber, but immediately start researching it, the developers suggest contacting a Cartographer. But this process also has some special features in Minecraft

Trial Chamber for Minecraft PE

  1. The cartographer needs to be promoted to Journeyman;
  2. Purchase a Location Map from him;
  3. Using it, find the way to the coveted location.

New inhabitants

In almost every biome of the cubic world, players have a chance to meet some kind of inhabitants. In Minecraft PE, wolves will inhabit not only the forest but also the savannah, jungle, or mass. And their color will depend on where they appear.

Wolf Breeds for Minecraft PE

Bogged, a new type of skeleton that has a small reserve of health, but attacks with poisonous arrows, will now live in the swamps, in addition to Witches.

Bogged for Minecraft

In hot locations such as the desert, players will certainly encounter Armadillo. Do not run up to him, because then he will get scared and curl up. It is better to approach with a calm step and offer his favorite treat – spider eyes.

Armadillo for Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 210 МБ