Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE spend time in the company of a loyal friend, who has now become even stronger, and also protect him with special armor.

Minecraft PE

Minecraft Copper Update

An incredibly important aspect of the gameplay is the interaction of players with other creatures in Minecraft PE That is why the developers of Mojang Studios continue to develop such a mob as the Wolf.

In this version, he not only became stronger but also got the opportunity to use armor. It will be put directly on the animal and protect it from all kinds of threats. And players have a lot of them in the cubic world.

To quickly find any structure, including the Trial Chamber, use the Locator Map from Cartographer.


One of the potential opponents of players in Minecraft is Breeze. He appears, as a rule, from Trial Spawner and the number of mobs will depend on whether the player is alone or with friends.

Breeze for Minecraft PE

Accordingly, the more heroes there are, the more opponents there are. The main attack of this enemy is a wind charge, which hits the target and throws it away. At the moment of falling, the player will receive damage.

Wind Charge for Minecraft PE


In case of victory over Breeze, players will receive not only combat experience but also a new type of attack. It appears in Minecraft PE as an item that you can take with you. The Wind Charge is a new ranged weapon that players can use against their opponents.

Trial Spawner for Minecraft PE

But the maximum number of valuable items in the cubic world can be obtained from a block called Vault. When using it, there are several important points that players should consider:

Vault for Minecraft PE

  1. particles will appear from the player to the block, which will lead him;
  2. You can open the Vault using the Trial Key;
  3. Each player can get his treasures only once, after that, the block will stop opening for him.

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 210 МБ