Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Get to know the most diverse creatures that can be tamed and travel around the cubic world together.

Minecraft PE

Minecraft Copper Update

With each version, the endless world becomes more interesting to explore, and more and more unique objects appear in it. The most recent one to appear in the game is a location called Trial Chamber.

It has a lot of unique things and players who love adventures should visit it in Minecraft PE And for those who find the standard modes too simple in this version, it is worth trying the Hardcore Mode. You can not recover from it, and the hero will have only one life.

In this version, it was decided to reduce the damage caused by the player using a wind charge. Now it is the same as Breeze has.

Dangerous wind

In the vastness of the cubic world, players have to constantly face a variety of challenges. They are attacked by dangerous mobs and to resist them as effectively as possible, it is necessary to understand their features well.

Trial Spawner for Minecraft PE

Traveling through underground locations, it is easy to meet a new opponent who appears from Trial Spawner.

Breeze for Minecraft PE

He is interested in the mechanics of his attacks and other features in Minecraft PE

  1. Breeze attacks with the help of the wind, directing a large stream of air at the victim, knocking her down;
  2. the blow itself will not cause much damage, the player will receive it directly from the fall;
  3. In case of victory over this creature, the hero receives several of its attacks in the form of unique items that he can later use in the game.

Wind Charge for Minecraft PE

Pet Armor

Traveling alone can be quite boring, so in Minecraft there is an opportunity to craft armor for a tamed wolf. Thus, the player will be able to take a pet everywhere with him and not worry about his safety.

Armadillo for Minecraft PE

It should be remembered that the equipment may break down over time, but it can be repaired using the same Armadillo shields from which it was created.

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 210 МБ