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Download Minecraft: Java Edition for Android

Download Minecraft: Java Edition on Android and play the full-fledged computer version of the game right on your mobile device!

Minecraft: Java Edition on Android

Minecraft: Java Edition

As you know, the first version of Minecraft appeared in the distant past for the computer. For a long time, the version of phones and computers was different.

Now, with the help of PojavLauncher, players have the opportunity to play the computer version right on their phones. This means that you can play from your phone on servers for the computer version of the game.

Beginning of the game

After entering the launcher, you will be prompted to enter information from your Minecraft account. You can use your account to log in if you have a license.

Login Window in Minecraft: Java Edition on Android

If you do not have a license, you need your nickname in the Username field, check the Log in as an offline account box, and click the Log in button. This will open the main menu, where you can launch the game itself. Here you will need to select the updated version to run.

Main Menu in Minecraft: Java Edition on Android

Snapshots, old alphas, and old beta will be enabled in the launcher settings. After selecting a version and clicking on the Play button, the download of the update will begin.

Launcher Settings in Minecraft: Java Edition on Android

You will need to wait, and this is done only once, but other versions will have to be downloaded separately. The launcher will automatically launch the game immediately after downloading all the necessary data.

PojavLauncher interface

Interaction with the game interface has full touch screen support. To move around the world, control buttons are available and various additional buttons. For example, you can enable the debug window (F3). To switch the type of character, use the F5 button.

Game Settings in Minecraft: Java Edition on Android

If you find it difficult to control the interface with clicks, enable support for the mouse pointer. And of course, if you activate the snapshots and download the latest snapshot, you can access the new features of the Caves & Cliffs update.

Download Minecraft: Java Edition for Android

Name Versions File
Minecraft: Java Edition 1.0.0 – 1.18.2 Download

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