Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE wolves will be great helpers when traveling because now their health reserve has doubled.


Minecraft Copper Update

Absolutely every user can reach incredible heights in the cubic world and get a unique gaming experience. And, of course, knowledge about the behavior of creatures, where to find the most valuable resources, and who to be afraid of will help in this.

Mojang Studios developers have introduced updated wolves in Minecraft PE, which have now become stronger. Also, some changes affected opponents such as Breeze and Bogged.

By all means, go to the Trial Chamber and fight with Breeze. The fact is that if you defeat him, the player will receive not only a Wind charge but also a Rod, which is used to repair new weapons.


Only wolves can act as the main assistant and even defender of a player in Minecraft These brave creatures, being ready to be tamed, are universal allies.

Wolf Breeds for Minecraft PE

If the player already has such a pet, then it should be fed as well as possible. Because then his health reserve will increase from 20 to 40 units. And to protect your ward even better, be sure to make armor for him.

Armadillo for Minecraft PE

Materials for it can be found in Armadillo habitats, which often drop their durable shields, from which the heroes will have to craft equipment for their wolf.


Players can meet Breeze and Bogged as dangerous opponents in Minecraft PE Both of these creatures appear from Trial Spawner and the more heroes there are nearby, the more monsters it will produce.

Breeze for Minecraft PE

Both of these creatures in this version have received some updates from the developers:

  1. When killing Breeze, it now drops from 4 to 6 wind charges;
  2. The player can use them against his opponents;
  3. Bogged will get a longer attack interval, now it will be 3.5 minutes instead of 2.

Bogged for Minecraft

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 210 МБ