Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE The Wild Update: find out how the Spectator game mode has changed, what mobs have received, as well as a Sculk Sensor.


Minecraft The Wild Update

The developers at Mojang Studios have significantly reduced the Minecraft PE player’s capabilities in Spectator mode. They also modified Warden, changed the tadpoles, and added a new animation to the frogs.

Spectator game mode

The authors of Minecraft PE have refined and corrected the errors that occurred when activating the Spectator mode.

Gameplay in Minecraft PE

The possibilities of players in this mode have significantly decreased: there is no function of construction or interaction with the environment, and the player cannot use items in the inventory, also put on armor, and choose a weapon.


The developers also refine the well-known hostile mob in each new update. For example, in Minecraft, he was updated with a sound attack. In addition, the frequency of the darkness effect imposed by Warden decreased to 6 seconds.

Warden in Minecraft PE

NOTE: Only living beings can annoy Warden. The main reference point for him is the vibration that Sculk Shrieker emits.

Warden also loses his temper very easily. When he gets angry, his heart rate goes up. Visually, it is possible to see at the senser that this mob has. When he is preparing for an attack, he does not jump out of the ground any more.

Sculk Sensor

The changes also affected the acoustic sensor. It no longer vibrates if it falls on wool or carpet. The fall is mitigated by this surface.

Its lower face acts as an excellent basis for other building blocks. The sensor sensitivity has improved and now it also reacts to projectiles and the process of digging up in the construction blocks out of the ground.

Sculk Blocks in Minecraft PE

NOTE: To deactivate this sensor, a Minecraft PE player can fill it with water.

If the creature is near the sensor but in a sitting position, then the sensor will not be triggered.


Minecraft developers have changed frogs and now the experience that the player gets from them is equal to the experience that cows and goats drop. When the player causes damage to the tadpoles, they make a very loud shrill sound.

In addition, the tadpoles also received a new sound animation of growth.

Frog in Minecraft PE

Such creatures of the Nether as Piglins, Skeletons, and Endermen will spawn in different conditions. It all depends on the level of lighting. They are also more successful in moving through open hatches.


Some changes in Minecraft PE affected inventory items. For example, the torch can no longer be installed on the bell.

Mangrove Swamp in Minecraft PE

And mangrove boards can be obtained by processing mangrove logs. The logs must be hewn.

If earlier trolleys filled with chests, dynamite, and funnels dropped out as separate items they had to be collected, now they appear as a single item.

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