Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE discover new possibilities using a variety of blocks and get the most unusual result in the end.

Minecraft Copper Update

To spend an unforgettable time in a unique space where something new is constantly appearing, and what already exists is being improved, developers in Minecraft PE offer players.

This fascinating journey this time is worth starting with the study of the properties of blocks such as Crafter. Also, users can use a large selection of tuff blocks in the construction process, and copper grates or doors made of this unique material for decorating buildings.


The process of creating various buildings has fascinated users of the cubic world at all times. Even at that time, when there were not so many blocks, craftsmen managed to create something unique.

Copper Bulb for Minecraft PE

Not to mention the fact that in Minecraft, the number of possible options already has several dozen. In this version, the most interesting and diverse in terms of choice is copper.

Copper Blocks for Minecraft PE

It can be used to produce doors and grates, as well as a copper bulb, which, if necessary, will illuminate a dark space for the convenience of players.

Copper Doors for for Minecraft PE


Another type of resource that has been used in the game for a long time, and in Minecraft PE received more possible use cases is Tuff. Seemingly inconspicuous and gray, this block can become a real decoration of any space.

Tuff for for Minecraft PE

And you can create items that complement the overall picture in this version using Crafter.

Crafter for Minecraft PE

New Structure

Also, players are invited to visit a unique area, which consists of copper and tuff blocks – this is Trial Chambers.
This structure is generated in Minecraft PE in Overworld and allows players to show their ingenuity and combat skills. Fight the new Breeze mob, which can be found in the dark corridors.

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 210 МБ