Superman Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Superman Mod for Minecraft PE: go on a free flight right now and shoot lasers right out of your eyes.

Superman Mod for Minecraft PE

What is unique in Superman Mod?

This character is known all over the world and his name has already become a household name. Everyone would like to become like him and get the incredible abilities of this hero. Every Minecraft PE user can now learn to fly without using any additional devices.

To be a Hero from Superman Mod for Minecraft PE

But that is not all, players in addition to the endless flight will have the opportunity to shoot lasers directly from the eyes. After installing Superman Mod, no enemy will be able to escape, and you can also travel around the territory without restrictions and very quickly.


Explore the heavenly expanses with Superman Mod right now. To go on a flight, use the updated item from the Creative Mode Inventory. It is marked with a red letter S.

New Equipment from Superman Mod for Minecraft PE

With it, the Minecraft PE player will be able to fly as far as he wants. And at the same time, no fuel or additional devices will be required. Just like a superhero, he will receive a unique power that will allow him to see the cubic world from a height.

Flying Process from Superman Mod for Minecraft PE

In addition, it will be possible to hit the enemy with lasers that will come directly from the hero’s eyes.

How to Use?

To start using a unique item, it is enough to go into the Inventory, select it, and put it on the player in Minecraft PE. The flight process will be truly endless and you can easily get to any point on the map.

Abilities from Superman Mod for Minecraft PE

And to craft special glasses that will allow you to shoot lasers, you will need Ender’s Eye and 2 Redstone blocks. Just combine these items and put the glasses on yourself. The hero will be able to hit any targets, regardless of how far they are.

Rocket from Superman Mod for Minecraft PE

Using these objects in Superman Mod, you can feel like the savior of the Universe and deal with all enemies.

Download Superman Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Superman 1.11.0 – 1.20.30 Download

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