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Download Old Version of Minecraft PE

Download the Old Version of Minecraft: build anything with blocks, explore the surrounding space and enjoy the incredible cubic world.

Old Version of Minecraft

Old Version of Minecraft Pocket Edition

Users can take a trip to the past thanks to the Old Version of Minecraft PE. You can find out what the cubic world looked like at the very beginning of its history and find out how it changed right now.

Minecraft 0.1.0

Version 0.1.0 will help players return to the origins of the game, it features 36 different blocks. The player can use them to build various buildings, as well as to decorate the interior inside.

Valuable Blocks from Minecraft 0.1.0

At the moment, the cubic world has certain boundaries, and by exploring it, the hero will sooner or later get to its end.

Wool from Minecraft 0.1.0

The diversity of the surrounding nature in this Old Version of Minecraft is complemented by all kinds of ores, they cannot be mined yet. But at the same time, you can use TNT blocks from the Inventory to clear the territory.

Minecraft 0.14.0

One of the largest builds of the cubic world – version 0.14.0 will give players a lot of new and interesting features and capabilities. There are several new summoning eggs in the Inventory of the Creative Mode so that the hero can spawn different creatures on his own.

Witches from Minecraft 0.14

One of them belongs to a Witch, but be careful, because this mob is extremely dangerous and will certainly try to hit the player with one of its potions.

Minecart with Chest from Minecraft 0.14

In this update for the Old Version of Minecraft, there is also a chance to evaluate the usability of minecarts and various mechanisms with Redstone.

Minecraft 1.1.5

This time, the developers have prepared an opportunity for players to transform the surrounding space. To do this in version 1.1.5, you can use Glazed Terracotta. These blocks are very difficult to make, but they can be bought from a villager.

Woodland Mansion from Minecraft PE 1.1.5

Also, the luckiest heroes in this Old Version of Minecraft will be lucky to find Woodland Mansion in a Dark Forest. This natural structure is the largest in the game and can also be found using a treasure map.

Download Minecraft PE 0.1.0

Name Minecraft Pocket Edition
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
File 0.1.0



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