Minecraft PE 5.0.0

Download Minecraft PE 5.0.0: appreciate the wide variety of all kinds of biomes in which players will meet unique creatures and find new vegetation.

Minecraft 5.0

Minecraft 5.0.0: New Biomes and More Blocks

The cube world is a unique place where players can show all their abilities. Starting with the extraction of valuable construction resources and ending with battles with aggressive mobs.

Most of the game time is spent surrounded by nature, so it is so important that it is interesting and diverse. In Minecraft PE 5.0.0, developers have added many new biomes that will make the exploration process exciting.

Unique locations

Until recently, there were more than fifty different biomes in the game. Each of them has unique features and an unusual landscape. There are snowy and cold, warm and temperate, as well as neutral locations.

New Biomes from Minecraft 5.0

Players can choose a climate more suitable for themselves and build a dwelling in this place or constantly travel throughout the vast expanse. In Minecraft 5.0.0, a few more interesting ideas were added to the already available options.

Hot Springs

The territory of this biome in Minecraft PE 5.0.0 is filled with ever-green vegetation and surrounded by rocks. This place is calm and serene. It is worth noting that players will meet small ponds with clean and transparent water everywhere.

Hot Springs from Minecraft 5.0

If you drop into them, the hero will get a small regeneration effect.

Jade Cliffs

The study of this location will be difficult because there are dangerous slopes and cliffs everywhere on its territory. They offer stunning views of the surrounding nature in Minecraft 5.0.0.

Here you can find coniferous trees, which are an excellent building material.

Jade Cliffs from Minecraft 5.0

Maple Forest

Another forest location will appear in Minecraft PE 5.0.0. Players will get acquainted with local animals – deer. These creatures are quite timid and will hurry to hide as soon as they see a hero nearby.

Maple Forest from Minecraft 5.0

By the way, maples secrete juice, collecting which with the help of a glass bottle you can get a wonderful nutritious drink.

Deer from Minecraft 5.0

Download Minecraft PE 5.0.0

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Version 5.0
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +

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