Minecraft PE 2.0.0

Download Minecraft PE 2.0.0 for android: explore new caves that have become even bigger and more interesting, in which players will discover a completely different cubic world.

Minecraft 2.0

Minecraft 2.0.0: New Caves and Mobs

Developers regularly delight users with the release of new versions of the game. Each time the cubic world is transformed more and more and many new opportunities appear in it.

This time in Minecraft PE 2.0.0, it will be possible to explore several unique biomes in which players will meet new creatures and be able to extract previously unseen resources.

The technical component has also been significantly improved, the gameplay has become more stable, and performance has also been improved.

New Territories

The main feature of Minecraft 2.0.0 can be considered the appearance of cave territories. These territories will differ depending on which of the biomes they are located under.

Players will meet different creatures there, which will make survival even more difficult and interesting.

Swamp Cave from Minecraft 2.0

Snow Biome

Going to the taiga, players will meet not only rabbits or foxes. After going underground, they will meet with frozen archers and swordsmen. These creatures will try to stop those who have disturbed their peace.

Cold Biome Cave from Minecraft 2.0

If the heroes still manage to survive after meeting them, in this location they will be able to find frozen bricks and other frozen treasures of the past, which are perfectly preserved in Minecraft PE 2.0.0 in permafrost conditions.


For those who prefer hot locations, the developers have prepared unique caves that can be found in the vastness of the desert or savannah. Here in Minecraft 2.0.0, some mummies outwardly look something like well-known zombies.

Mummy from Minecraft 2.0

Burnt sand can be extracted as a new material for construction in this biome.

Desert Cave from Minecraft 2.0


Another location that has a temperate climate and lush vegetation has also acquired updated caves in Minecraft PE 2.0.0. Going deep into the players will meet terrible underground worms.

Jungle Cave from Minecraft 2.0

Be careful, because these creatures can pass through walls and blocks. The roots of the trees here are so large that they, as well as wood, can be extracted and used in the construction process.

Download Minecraft PE 2.0.0

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Version 2.0
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 191 МБ

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