Minecraft PE 1.21.2

Download Minecraft PE 1.21.2: study the properties of various blocks, and apply them to simplify some processes in the cubic world.

Minecraft 1.21.2

Minecraft 1.21.2: Tricky Trials

To make it easier for players to navigate Minecraft PE 1.21.2, Mojang developers have changed some sounds, as well as improved them. This will make the process of using Crafter, Spawner, or Vault more convenient and comfortable.

Also, some changes were aimed at making the Pocket Edition closer to Java. Explore all the innovations of this version, including the increased probability of obtaining valuable loot from the Ominous Vault.

Types of spawners

In the cubic world, there has been a block called Spawner for a long time. Its feature is the generation of monsters. This process occurs when one or more players appear nearby.

Trial Chamber for Minecraft PE 1.20-1.21.2

With the advent of the Trial Chamber, a new type of these blocks has appeared in the game, which, among other things, also gives out a reward for defeating monsters. Also, the number of opponents depends on how many players are around him.

Trial Spawner for Minecraft PE 1.20-1.21.2

In Minecraft 1.21.2, players will encounter another type of this object – the Ominous Trial Spawner. The main difference from its predecessor is that the mobs will be mostly armed and even equipped with armor. It will be more difficult to defeat them.

These mobs can also pick up objects and throw them at the player.

Ominous Spawner for Minecraft PE 1.21.2

Ominous bottle

The appearance of objects named Ominous is directly related to an object called an Ominous Bottle. This is a vessel, after drinking the contents of which the player receives a special condition or mark, which in Minecraft PE 1.21.2 is called Trial Omen.

Ominous Bottle for Minecraft PE 1.21.2

Having appeared with him in the previously specified underground location, much more terrible events will begin to happen to the player than without this condition. But it is worth it because any rewards for winning in this case will be much more valuable and cooler.

Trial Omen for Minecraft 1.21.2

Download Minecraft PE 1.21.2

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Version 1.21.2
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 210 МБ