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Download Minecraft PE free: get unique rewards and fight against more dangerous opponents, as well as evaluate the capabilities of new weapons.

Minecraft Ominous Trials

Every hero who in Minecraft PE wants to get a cooler gaming experience and test his strength in non-standard situations should go to the Trial Chamber. It was there that various blocks and effects appeared in this version, which were collectively called Ominous.

Now the mobs will become stronger and get new effects, as well as more valuable rewards that only the most attentive heroes of the cubic world will find. In addition, Hardcore Mode is still available in the game and this is a top-level challenge.

Ominous Trial Spawner

Players are already well aware of Trial Spawner, which appears in the new underground location Trial Chamber. Many have already learned how to resist even the most dangerous mobs that emerge from it.

Ominous Spawner for Minecraft PE


And so in Minecraft, the developers added a new type of this block, which is called Ominous. Unique challenges and rewards await those who find them. Although it will be very difficult to get them.

Ominous Event for Minecraft PE

Any Spawner in this location can become Ominous if there is a player with a new version of the Bad Omen tag nearby. Also, these blocks will show a preview of those items that may drop out shortly. This will make it easier to use.

Trial Omen

This is a new version of the label already familiar to players, which now does not just cause a raid, but causes the appearance of Ominous Events.

Ominous Bottle for Minecraft PE


Trial Omen in Minecraft PE has several special properties that will be useful for players to learn:

  1. It is given to players who drink the Ominous Bottle;
  2. It cannot be obtained by defeating the raid captain outside the raid;
  3. It will have a new application sound and a darker icon.

Trial Omen for Minecraft


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Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
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