Minecraft PE

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Minecraft Copper Update

During the game, each user faces a problem when it seems that all the stages have been completed and nothing else fascinates him as before. But in the cubic world, this should not happen, because the developers of Mojang Studios closely monitor every aspect of the gameplay and try their best to improve it.

In Minecraft PE, they do it in full, and in addition, they also monitor the failures that occur, which are promptly eliminated.

Mobs have received four new effects, as well as Breeze does not jump into lava in length. A lot of unique items have appeared in the game, they have cooler features compared to previous versions and are collectively called Ominous.

A new opponent and weapon

The appearance of new rivals in Minecraft makes the gameplay as unexpected and interesting as possible. Each player can try their hand at fighting the dangerous Breeze and try to defeat it.

Breeze for Minecraft PE

You can meet such an opponent by going to the Trial Chamber. It is in this location, in the dark corridors, that the lord of the elements is waiting for his victims.

Trial Chamber for Minecraft PE

He uses Wind Charges as his main weapon. By the way, if the player defeats him, he will receive this type of attack as loot.

Wind Charge for Minecraft PE


Many users who had previously tamed a wolf and made it their pet were afraid to take it with them on trips. This was because the animal could not be protected from enemy attacks in any way. In Minecraft PE, you can craft special armor for it.

Wolf Breeds for Minecraft PE

It is made of Armadillo shields, which can be found in the savannah or wastelands. Carefully approach the mob and interact with it with a Brush. The flaps will be reset and available for use.

Armadillo for Minecraft PE

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Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 210 МБ