Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Improve your combat skills by fighting new opponents and even get valuable rewards for it.


Minecraft Copper Update

Significant changes are already available to players in Minecraft PE But to effectively use all existing opportunities, it is necessary first of all to know where and why to go.

First of all, in this version, players should get acquainted with the features of various blocks and mobs to get the maximum benefit from interacting with them.


It’s not for nothing that the developers warned the players that there are far from simple adventures waiting for them in the Trial Chamber. They fully kept their word, because in this location the wanderers would meet many dangerous creatures.

Trial Chamber for Minecraft PE

They will appear in Minecraft from the so–called Trial Spawner blocks that spawn monsters. At the same time, the more players gather around, the more opponents will appear.

Trial Spawner for Minecraft PE


For those heroes who want to protect not only themselves but also their pets before a dangerous journey, the authors have prepared something very useful. Going to the savannah, you will be able to find the shields dropped by Armadillo.

Armadillo for Minecraft PE

Use them to craft armor for a tamed wolf and safely take it with you on any adventure in Minecraft PE


The courage of the players who decide to explore the dark rooms will be rewarded by Vault. This brand-new block in Minecraft allows you to get a valuable reward without much effort.

Vault for Minecraft PE

But at the same time, this opportunity will be provided by each block only once.

Wind charge

It will be much easier for players to defeat Breeze and other monsters in Minecraft PE because they can use new weapons for ranged combat.

The wind charge allows you to shoot like a Breeze and knocks opponents 10 percent stronger than this mob.

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 210 МБ