Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Evaluate the fixed bugs and improved stability of the cubic world, as well as use new objects in the construction process.

Minecraft PE

Minecraft Copper Update

This time, the developers focused all their attention on adding recipes for new materials, as well as for Crafting. But they did not forget about other aspects of the gameplay in Minecraft PE

For example, the mineral Calcite can now be obtained with the help of a team or get it in the Inventory of the Creative Mode. Also, restarting the game will not affect the position of the switch in the Inventory. In the game menu, the correct illumination of the frames was set up.

Players who had previously used armor with trim in the gameplay could note that it was displayed incorrectly. This issue has been fixed in this version.

The developers also managed to fix a glitch that occurred when using custom items.

Experimental functions

Among the features that have only recently been introduced into the game, the use of copper is in the first place. This unique block can change its texture under the influence of external factors, such as humidity.

Copper Doors for for Minecraft PE

At the same time, players can prevent oxidation by using ordinary wax. Minecraft PE has added new recipes for crafting various items, such as grates and hatches, as well as doors.

Copper Blocks for Minecraft PE

By the way, the appearance has been updated for these blocks and also for tuff bricks.

They will be a wonderful addition to any design, as well as decorate the space with unusual textures. Choose Experimental features to experience new emotions from the gameplay.

Tuff for for Minecraft PE


The authors continue to develop the capabilities of Crafter and update its textures in Minecraft

Crafter for Minecraft PE

This unique block is used to create items, while it can be filled in automatically.

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 210 МБ