Minecraft PE 1.20.30

Download Minecraft PE 1.20.30 free apk: find out what innovations have appeared in the cubic world, find all the treasure maps, and also evaluate the corrected errors.

Minecraft 1.20.30

 Minecraft Release: Trails & Tales

In this update of the cubic world, the developers have paid attention to a variety of areas and aspects of the cubic world. Among the changes, players can note new properties of treasure maps, which will display, among other things, rare structures in already explored territories.

Also in Minecraft PE 1.20.30, the sound of immersion in water has been slightly changed, now it is played only if the player drops to eye level. Fixed spawn of Iron Golems that will not spawn in a space less than 2 blocks in height. The camel will no longer be able to run while in lava or water.

Sniffer Features

Many players have already managed to get acquainted with this good-natured creature, which stubbornly continues to collect plant seeds. It is worth noting that the mechanics of the Sniffer’s behavior has been changed and now he makes his searches only on land, and not in the air or water.

Sniffer for Minecraft PE 1.20.30

In Minecraft 1.20.30, you can also try to propagate it, to do this, find or grow a Torchflower and feed the mob with this plant.

Tourchflower from Minecraft PE 1.20.30

Novelties in Archaeology

Such a long-awaited appearance of Archeology in the cubic world could not remain without the attention of users. And the developers of Mojang Studios, in turn, continue to delight them with various innovations.

Archaeology from Minecraft PE 1.20.30

For the search process in Minecraft PE 1.20.30 to be as successful as possible, players should get a special Brush. It is only with its help that valuable artifacts can be extracted from fragile Suspicious blocks.

Brush from Minecraft PE 1.20.30


After the player gets his armor, by the way, you can buy it from a villager who has the profession of Armorer, the equipment can be decorated with a beautiful pattern.

Smithing Template from Minecraft PE 1.20.30

A Blacksmith table is used for this, and Templates will also be needed. It will not be difficult to find them in Minecraft 1.20.30, it is enough to go to one of the many structures of the cubic world.

Download Minecraft PE 1.20.30

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Version 1.20.30
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 191 МБ