Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Wild Update: find valuable resources that will be useful for crafting various items and evaluate the new possibilities of the cubic world.

Minecraft PE

Minecraft The Wild Update

The game space of the cubic world has its unique features and highly memorable graphics. This is what attracts a lot of users for quite a long time.

At the same time, the developers are trying to minimize the number of failures and preserve this much-loved look. In Minecraft PE, players have a great opportunity to watch the game process while being directly at the event site.

Since the spectator mode is currently in experimental, many aspects of it are constantly changing. Now capes will not be displayed on heroes. Also, if the viewer falls into the lava, the burning animation will not be played.


Some changes have also occurred in the behavior of the creatures inhabiting the cubic world. For example, the teleportation range has been reduced for Enderman. Also earlier, the developers ruled out the possibility of drowned people in warm oceans.

In Minecraft, their spawn in these reservoirs has been resumed. Therefore, players should be more careful when exploring underwater spaces.

Allay in Minecraft PE

Also, one of the main dangers remains a meeting with Warden. This creature has unique opportunities to search for victims and always appears unexpectedly literally from under the ground.

Deep Dark

Heroes can meet this creature in Deep Dark biome. This location attracts many adventurers and is interesting because players will be able to see unusual blocks here.

Deep Dark in Minecraft

One of them is the Sculk Shrieker, it is through the vibrations they emit that a creepy monster can detect its victim. It is possible to prevent this process only by breaking the block.

Sculk Shrieker in Minecraft PE

Also, if the hero is lucky, Ancient City may be on his way. There are unique items in the abandoned castles of this location.

Ancient City in Minecraft PE1.18

For example, in Minecraft PE it can be Echo Chards. With their help, the heroes will be able to create a Recovery Compass.

Echo Shards in Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 161 МБ