Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Wild Update: meet new mobs, travel the vast world, and play with friends.

Minecraft PE

Minecraft The Wild Update

In this version of the cubic world, the developers again paid close attention to correcting the failures that appeared. Thus, in Minecraft PE, there will be no problems when visiting the Marketplace.

By the way, fixed problems that occurred when using the Portal to the Lower World. Players took damage, and the mobs that accompanied them simply disappeared. Now its use will be correct.Deep Dark in Minecraft


In Minecraft, the creators continue to expand the capabilities of Warden. Now it can detect players who are sneaking around. Therefore, for those heroes who are not yet ready to face a terrible monster, it is better not to try to leave or run away from it.Warden in Minecraft PE

Also, Allay got a new skill, thanks to which he can collect not only the same items but also objects with different strengths. In particular, this applies to various parts of the armor.Allay in Minecraft PE

Other changes

Correcting errors related to the interaction of the players with various objects is one of the most important roles in the entire gameplay. Therefore, in Minecraft PE, the loot from fish hooks when killed by the /kill command no longer falls out.

Previously, users noted that the health scale displays incorrect values. Because of such a failure, the player became invisible. This led to the impossibility of any action after his death. Now the creators have reported the elimination of these problems.Ancient City in Minecraft PE

Also, the Sculk Patch can no longer be placed on additional blocks, and it will be increasingly possible to see them in the Ancient City location.  By the way, this area can be very interesting for research.

It will be quite difficult to find her, and to begin with it is worth going to the Deep Dark biome, where players are waiting for a lot of dangerous adventures.

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 161 МБ