Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Wild Update: explore the incredible boundless world and get acquainted with all its possibilities.


Minecraft The Wild Update

The main change that has been attracting the attention of players for several months now is the appearance of a new user mode. With his help, players can observe the process taking place on the playing field, while not being able to influence it in any way.

Thus, in Minecraft PE, observers have the opportunity to skip the sleep period, and the insomnia timer will not notify them. Also, the hunger scale will not decrease for viewers. This will help you not to break away from watching the game.Mobs

A lot of changes have happened in Minecraft, which are associated with various creatures. For example, villagers and Wandering Trader will run away if they see Zoglins.


This creepy mob is getting more dangerous with each version. In Minecraft PE, it will get fiercer with each attack, and it can also save data about the vibrations it reacts to.

Warden in Minecraft PE


This useful mob can now be duplicated. For the process to start in Minecraft, you need to turn on the jukebox next to Allay and give this creation a small fragment of amethyst.

Allay in Minecraft PE


Now different species of these animals will appear in different biomes.

Frog in Minecraft

For example, in Minecraft PE, if a frog appears in Deep Dark, it will be called Cold, and in the meadow – Moderate.

Mangrove Swamps

In this area, with each version of the game, new features and changes appear. In Minecraft, players will be able to get to know the locals, and can also plant berry bushes throughout this location.

Mangrove Swamp in Minecraft PE

Sculk Shrieker

In Minecraft PE, players should be more careful when moving near these blocks, because now they will react even if the hero is riding.

Sculk Shrieker in Minecraft PE

Also, activation will occur again if the player is on this block.

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 161 МБ