Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE The Wild Update: new functions of inventory items, modified acoustic sensor, new player functionality in spectator mode.


Minecraft The Wild Update

Mojang Studios developers do not stop updating the game, adding new functionality every time. The new version of Minecraft PE is no exception: it fixed the main bugs and made some changes to make the gameplay even more interesting.

Spectator Mode

The players really liked the feature, and in the new version of Minecraft they can appreciate some improvements. For example, the player will be able to breathe in the spectator mode. At the same time, the hunger strip will not change.

Mud bricks in Minecraft PE

NOTE: Players in Spectator mode can no longer receive effects. Also, they can no longer launch raids with the Bad Omen effect.

Equality of versions

Fixed the position and rotation of mobs exiting the Nether portal. A shovel breaks dirty mangrove roots faster, and an axe breaks ordinary mangrove roots.

Mangrove biome in Minecraft PE

Also, the developers of the Mojang Studios have updated the structures of the Ancient city.


The acoustic sensor now reacts to the boat with the chest when it is opened. It also reacts to the collection of loose snow by the Minecraft PE player and jumping on blocks of wool with a sculk block. The acoustic sensor reacts to the player when he drinks milk.

Sculk Shrieker in Minecraft PE

NOTE: The acoustic sensor no longer reacts when the player throws an object, breaks a block, walks and falls on the carpet.

The sweet berry bush can now be planted on mud and dirty mangrove roots. New sounds for the Mangrove Sprout have also been added.

Other fixes

Fixed generation of wool structures in the Ancient City and the rock vein. Fixed endless loading in the Character Editor and text in the Emotion wheel in Minecraft

Sculk Catalyst in Minecraft PE

Residents and Villagers are fleeing from the Zoglins. The traveling merchant now drinks milk to remove the effect of Invisibility.

Creatures, blocks and other elements are correctly remembered at the time of saving and reloading the world.

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 161 МБ