Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE The Wild Update: evaluate the Game changes after fixing bugs and game bugs.


Minecraft The Wild Update

The authors of Minecraft PE do not stop working on the game every time improving its quality with each new update.

This time, the update presents its users with a renewed gameplay, a modified menu, and the elimination of errors from previous versions.

Spectator Mode

Mojang Studios developers have updated the Minecraft Spectator mode.

Now no effects will be applied to Steve during the game. And the bad sign effect no longer causes an invasion of the village.

Acoustic Sensor

In the new version of Minecraft PE, the authors have improved the response of the acoustic sensor. Now it can easily detect the boat with a chest and is activated if the player collects a snow into the bucket.

It also reacts very well to moving on the spider web.

Boat with the Chest in Minecraft PE

NOTE: You can block the vibration and sensitivity of the acoustic sensor with the help of wool blocks.

Mangrove Biome

In the Minecraft update, the developers have added a sound animation of grass, which now comes from the shoots of mangrove trees. In addition, trees can be potted and grown.

Mangrove biome in Minecraft PE

NOTE: You need to be careful because due to the flow of water, the mangrove sprout can easily get broken.

To quickly get a mangrove root, the player should use an ax. If there is a need to break dirty mangrove roots, then in this case it is better to use a shovel.


Powerful very dangerous Warden can now appear on incomplete blocks. His sonic is so capable of piercing the most durable armor. However, in the water, Sculk – Schrieker cannot now summon Warden.

As for inventory items, now any wooden tools can be repaired with any boards. And when melting iron and gold items, the Minecraft PE player gets the experience.

Warden in Minecraft PE

NOTE: To get rid of the effect of non-visibility, a traveling merchant must drink milk.

And if the player gets hungry during the game, he can install a bush of Sweet berries on any block, even on a block of dirt.

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 161 МБ