Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE The Wild Update: enjoy the game world without serious problems and with new features.


Minecraft The Wild Update

After the recent release of the game update, many errors were revealed and new changes were required, so now the developers have introduced Minecraft PE

In this version, you will find changes related to the Warden and some changes to the Ancient City that will make mining in it more significant. In addition, a huge number of bugs were fixed, some of them were critical and prevented many players from enjoying the game world.


The developers have worked on the keeper functionality in Minecraft PE This mob has added an attack soundtrack. Now he can attack even from afar thanks to the new Sonic Boom sound attack.

Warden in Minecraft PE

Other mobs and players can push the Warden. However, they should be careful with this: if someone pushes him, he will get very angry and go on the attack.

Echo Shards

A new item appears in the Ancient City. Echo Shards can be found if Steve searches the chests. This Minecraft PE item is needed to create a new kind of compass.

Echo Shards in Minecraft PE

Recovery Compass

An indispensable item in the inventory. It shows the place where the main character had died. To create it, the Minecraft PE player will need a regular compass and eight Echo fragments.

Recovery Compass in Minecraft PE


The mangrove swamp biome upgrades has been improved. Firstly, mangrove roots can be generated through layers of snow. They can also be used together with the appendages in a Composter.

Any plant from seedlings can be safely placed by a Minecraft PE player on mud blocks and dirty mangrove roots. Flowers, bamboo, sugar cane, seedlings, hard leaf, and bushes of sweet berries will grow without problems.

Mangrove Swamp in Minecraft PE

NOTE: There are changes in the inventory: the reinforced deep shale has been moved to the nature tab.


Minecraft PE developers have fixed bugs related to building blocks. Reinforced Deepslate has become stronger: neither the Ender Dragon nor the Wither can break it.

Sculk Blocks in Minecraft PE

The light unit no longer breaks underwater, and the Soul Lantern is no longer generated by air. The clay staircase, walls, and slabs are properly grouped.

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 161 МБ