Minecraft PE

Download for free the second part of the Minecraft PE Cave Update for Android: transport cargo by water, catch and grow frogs.

Minecraft PE

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part 2

In the updated version of Minecraft developers have improved the mobs of frogs and tadpoles, and also worked with the quality of animation and behavior of mobs.


Everyone’s favorite frogs live in swamp biomes and are very fond of Slime. When the frog eats it, a ball of Slime falls in the game.

They also have another favorite delicacy – seaweed. Also now a Minecraft PE player needs to treat the tadpoles carefully. After all, if they stay on land for a long time, they just die.

Frogs in Minecraft

There are new blocks in the game: Verdant, Pearlescent, and Ochre. They all glow. To get the necessary block, the Minecraft player will need to bring the frog to the Magma block. As soon as the frog eats it, a new glowing block appears. What kind of block will appear depends on the type of frog that ate the Magma block.

Vanilla Changes

The developers continue to bring the quality of the game as close as possible to Java Edition. The quality is getting better with each version. Decorations of cave biomes are now of the same frequency as in Java Edition.

This also applies to the brightness of the Glow Lichen. If the player receives a Bad Omen, the particle effect in Minecraft PE no longer appears.

Vanilla changes in Minecraft PE

Residents now know how to talk. When they can’t make a deal because their warehouse is empty, they say no in Minecraft Golems only follow the players with a damaged reputation. This happens if there was an attack on a civilian resident of the village.


Also, the developers have fixed the shortcomings of the gameplay itself.

Gameplay in Minecraft PE

Among the main ones in Minecraft PE are the following:

  • The boat remains at the shore when the Minecraft player finishes his long voyage;
  • Frost Walker freezes a maximum of 8 blocks;
  • The Iron Belly achievement is available;
  • The spikes that the player gets with the armor spell no longer hurt them themselves.;
  • The number of iron golems and robbers now corresponds to their avantposts.

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 131 МБ

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