Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE for Android: explore the dark depths, test experimental vanilla mode and its capabilities!


What’s interesting in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the developers have done everything possible so that the new mechanics work correctly. Since the Caves & Cliffs update is just coming out, some of its features may be unstable. Therefore, it was decided for the time being to focus on errors that could arise during the gameplay.

First, the creators of the game have fixed a bug that could lead to crashes from the map. Secondly, some hero stats have been corrected. That is, all the characteristics of the undead and peaceful characters acquired the same values ​​that were shown in the PC version.

Sculk blocks

It is worth noting that in Minecraft sculk blocks are quite common. You can even say that one of the Sandbox locations is entirely composed of sculk blocks.

Blocks are inherently dangerous because they can pick up movement and noise. The whole problem is that this only applies to the player, objects will not react to other undead and NPCs. The sculk blocks give off a bright neon glow, which helps to recognize their location.

Sculk Blocks in Minecraft

However, this light is not enough to make out the area nearby. There are a huge number of blocks in Minecraft vein, catalyst, sensors.

Little is known about the screamers, but the object is much larger than everyone else and has an intricate shape. Vein sculk blocks are quite thin and can be easily attached to all planes, therefore, circuits are made from them. The sensors vibrate with noise, and characteristic antennas are located on the top of the block.

Dark deep

The dark depths are located in the darkest places in Minecraft The vastness of the location is filled with various blocks and obstacles. Plus, it’s full of sculk blocks.

Darkness effect in Minecraft

The player may also notice the appearance of the effect of darkness. This is a special effect on the player, which is very similar to blindness but arises from the activation of a special rolling block.

Experimental vanilla mode

Back in Minecraft, you can test some of the features from the Mountains and Caves update.

Experimental Vanilla Mode in Minecraft

Vanilla Mode adds many different features and innovations to the game.

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 120 МБ

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