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Download Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live and get nutritious berries in the biome of lush caves.
Minecraft Download

Minecraft – What’s new?

Minecraft is the first version released in Build of Caves & Cliffs. The developers did not skimp on innovations so that players would test a bunch of new features. For example, two new locations became available for research: karst caves and gloomy depths.

It should be said right away that both sites are incredibly dangerous and hide countless threats. Absolute darkness and small build-ups on the surface of the rooms can harm Steve, which will cause you to lose a lot of HP.

In addition, the dangerous Varden now roams the lower levels of the map. In Minecraft, the enemy is a full-fledged boss, because of which you may have difficulties during the passage.

Lush caves

A new location appeared in the Minecraft update. The peculiarity of the room is that the entire section of the lush caves is decorated with various flowers and plants. The biome is quite extensive, so all the new items from Caves & Cliffs can easily fit here.

Lush Caves

Unique plants include spore flowers, blooming azalea, hanging roots, glowing berries and lichen, moss, and much more. The most interesting thing is that some plants can be found only here. In other parts of the map, the generation of new products is simply impossible. In Minecraft Bedrock, lush caves will also be inhabited by one funny animal called the axolotl.

Sculk blocks

Sculk blocks are found everywhere. Recognizing the cube is easy enough, as the block emits a bright green glow.

Sculk Blocks

Sculkblocks easily pick up sounds and only those that the player makes. Because of this novelty, not only ordinary opponents can find you.

Download Minecraft PE

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Date 14.10.2021
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 138 МБ

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