Indonesia Map for Minecraft PE

Download Indonesia Map for Minecraft PE: visit one of the countries of East Asia, and appreciate the beauty of its nature and unique architecture.

Indonesia Map for Minecraft PE

Indonesia Map for MCPE

Traveling in Minecraft PE is quite simple, just install the map and hit the road. Players can visit a variety of countries and continents, and get acquainted with the customs and architecture of these places.

You can even settle in a city and become a full-fledged resident of it. This is exactly what those players who install Indonesia Map can do. It presents the most famous locations in this country, which will allow you to learn more about it.

East Java

This time, Minecraft PE players are invited to visit one of the provinces, which is located in Indonesia. The Asian flavor on this map allows each participant to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of these amazing places.

Start from Indonesia Map for Minecraft PE

The authors of Indonesia Map paid special attention to the landscape, making the surrounding nature look like it exists in this country.

Architecture from Indonesia Map for Minecraft PE


On the territory of Indonesia Map, Minecraft PE players will visit a variety of buildings that exist in Indonesia. For example, the Suramadu Bridge is the longest in this country at the moment.

Map from Indonesia Map for Minecraft PE

It connects the island part with the mainland while crossing the Strait of Madura. Travelers are also invited to visit the national park, which recreates the most famous mountains such as Bromo, Batok, Semeru, and Widodaren.

Nature from Indonesia Map for Minecraft PE


Not only natural locations are represented on the Indonesia Map, but the largest city in the Eastern Province is also fully recreated here. Surabaya is famous for its monuments to heroes, as well as beaches of amazing beauty.

Territory from Indonesia Map for Minecraft PE

By the way, many other Indonesian cities are represented on this map. Explore all the sights that will allow every Minecraft PE player to get an idea of this amazing Asian country.

Download Indonesia Map for Minecraft PE


Name Versions File
Indonesia Map 1.20.30 – 1.20.51 Download

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