India Mod for Minecraft PE

Download India Mod for Minecraft PE: immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this vibrant country, feel its incredible flavor, and taste unusual dishes.

India Mod for Minecraft PE

India Mod for MCPE

Each country has unique items that are specific to it. This includes architecture, the clothes of residents, and, of course, food. For those who have never tasted Indian food, it may seem completely unusual, as well as too spicy.

The authors of these mods offer to diversify the selection of various snacks and main dishes that are available to players in Minecraft PE. It is also a great opportunity to learn a lot about how to eat in this country, thanks to India Mod. Arrange a real holiday and have fun in your favorite game.


Everyone knows the dish called Roti in India. It is the main one and is most often used in everyday life. It is not difficult to prepare, only water and flour are enough. Ready-made tortillas are eaten with various hot sauces and other dishes. In Minecraft PE, the authors of this mod have prepared for players all the ingredients that may be needed to cook wheat tortillas on their own.

Roti from India Mod for Minecraft PE

And, of course, for those who do not like to cook, ready-made options can be found in the Inventory of the Creative Mode after installing India Mod.

More Food from India Mod for Minecraft PE

Indian Food

Going on a long journey, Minecraft PE players should take care of delicious and nutritious food in advance, which will be able to satisfy their hunger at any moment. India Mod is perfect for such a case.

Roti Sabji from India Mod for Minecraft PE

The fact is that its creators have added many different Indian dishes to the cubic world, which are very popular in this country. The high realism of each of the items will make the process of using interesting and exciting.

Chaipatti from India Mod for Minecraft PE

Appreciate the efforts of the authors and add variety to the player’s cooking set. Treat your friends to delicious and very unusual snacks.

Atta from India Mod for Minecraft PE

Download India Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Roti 1.17.0 – 1.20.51 Download-Mod


Indian Foods 1.20.0 – 1.20.51 Download

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