India Map for Minecraft PE

Download India Map for Minecraft PE: visit one of the most beautiful and famous buildings, which has been perfectly preserved to this day and is now available in the cubic world.

India Map for Minecraft PE

India Map for MCPE

Traveling in the real world is quite difficult and tedious, so the authors of this map suggest that Minecraft PE players hit the road right now. As you know, various buildings in different countries have become their hallmark.

In Egypt it is the pyramids, in America, it is the Capitol, and in India, it is, of course, the Taj Mahal. This is exactly what the players who install India Map are invited to visit this time. This place impresses with its beauty and inspires new ideas for each user.


The author of this map has tried to fully recreate all the main features of this building and its surrounding area. The Minecraft PE player will spawn in a deserted place where there is nothing around except a long path surrounded by trees on both sides.

Territory from India Map for Minecraft PE

Walking along it, you can get directly to the mausoleum itself. As you know, the Taj Mahal was built in honor of the deceased wife of one of the rulers as a sign of endless love. In reality, it looks very beautiful and consists entirely of white stone, in fact, just like on the India Map.

Top View from India Map for Minecraft PE

Main Features

It is worth noting that inside the building is empty and quite dark. But at the same time, this update for India Map allows each user to get a complete picture of this famous place.

Taj Mahal from India Map for Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE players should visit this place at least in a virtual version and appreciate its scale and beauty. Be sure to invite your friends to have an interesting and informative time together.

Inside from India Map for Minecraft PE

Perhaps such adventures will inspire users to some new ideas that they will certainly bring to life in their favorite game. The limitless possibilities of the cubic world allow each player to show all their creativity and other abilities.

Building from India Map for Minecraft PE

Download India Map for Minecraft PE


Name Versions File
India Map 1.20.0 – 1.20.51 Download

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