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Gear VR apk for Minecraft PE

Download the Gear VR apk for Minecraft PE: get ready to dive into the world of virtual reality and experience unprecedented emotions and impressions from the gameplay.

Gear VR apk for Minecraft PE

What is unique about Gear VR?

Special for users of the mobile version, the developers of Mojang Studios together with Microsoft have created a new version of the game Gear VR apk for Minecraft PE. Now each user will have the opportunity to evaluate the gameplay in a new way using special glasses or helmets.

New Oppotunities from Gear VR apk for Minecraft PE

Unsurpassed realism will create a completely new atmosphere into which the hero will plunge from the first minutes after connecting. These are new emotions that every player should experience.

How does it work?

First of all, you need to install the Gear VR apk for Minecraft PE on your device, and then connect special glasses or a headset to it. Download the program and immerse yourself in a completely new world.

Origin from Gear VR apk for Minecraft PE

Players will now destroy blocks with the help of special controllers that are included in the kit. The remaining fixed elements will move depending on where the user is looking.

Survive from Gear VR apk for Minecraft PE


Players who try to evaluate the gameplay with augmented reality at least once will be able to note that this is a complete immersion in the game. Players have never experienced anything like this before.

Abilities from Gear VR apk for Minecraft PE

After installing the Gear VR apk for Minecraft PE, it seems that the user creates everything that surrounds him with his own hands. This is a completely new gaming experience because you can do all the usual processes, but they will look radically different.

Multiplayer from Gear VR apk for Minecraft PE

With a VR headset, meeting aggressive mobs face to face will be even more dangerous, and dark caves will seem much scary.

Of course, at first, users will need to get used to an unusual control system using controllers. By the way, there is support for multiplayer, so you can play together with friends.

Download Minecraft PE Gear VR apk

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Version Gear VR apk
OS Android
Producer Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 102 МБ