Flash Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Flash Mod for Minecraft PE: get the ability to move with incredible speed and become inaccessible to absolutely any enemy.

Flash Mod for Minecraft PE


What is unique in Flash Mod?

This superhero is distinguished by the ability to move incredibly fast and with the help of this ability to remain unharmed even in battle with the strongest opponents. The authors of Flash Mod offer players to try on his image and make the gameplay even more interesting.

Flash Armor from Flash Mod for Minecraft PE

In addition to this character, Minecraft PE users can also evaluate the capabilities of other Avengers, who became famous all over the world after the appearance of a series of comics and films about their incredible adventures.


Several unique costumes have been prepared for the players by the authors of this Flash Mod add-on. All of them replace the standard types of equipment in Minecraft PE, but they undoubtedly have great capabilities.

Superhero Costume from Flash Mod for Minecraft PE

In Creativity, all options are in the Inventory, and in Survival, they will need to be created independently. By the way, players can get an unusual item using the /function ring command.

Iron Armor from Flash Mod for Minecraft PE

As soon as the player puts it on himself, he will immediately receive the power of the suit. There were also new dangers. Among them is a devilishly fast Flash, which can only be obtained by defeating this opponent.


In this Flash Mod supplement, there are significantly more equipment options. The costumes of such superheroes as Batman, Captain America, and, of course, the incredibly fast Flash are presented. One has only to put on any kit and the Minecraft PE player will immediately receive new effects and will be able to use them in the process of survival.

Inventory from Flash Mod for Minecraft PE

This update is suitable for all fans of Avengers stories and is suitable for creating an original atmosphere. Invite your friends, choose your favorite hero, and spend time in your favorite game in a very unusual and interesting way.

Diamond Armor from Flash Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Flash Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
Flash 1.12.0 – 1.20.51 Download-Mod


Avengers 1.16.0 – 1.20.51 Download-Mod


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