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Download Minecraft PE 0.17.0

In this article we’ll speak about all the updates of MCPE 0.17.0. You’ll be able to download Minecraft 0.17.0. We’ll leave a link just after the release of the first builds. We’ll talk about the release date.

Here we go. Recently, a new “Friendly Update” has been released, introducing Realms and other extras and changes. It’s noticeable that it’s the Mojang AB team’s first update to have an official title.

Download Minecraft 0.17.0

When can Minecraft 0.17.0 be downloaded?

Having analyzed the periods between new versions of the famous game, we have figured out an approximate release date of Minecraft PE 0.17.0. Well, it’s November 2016! Why so? During the last three releases (0.13.0, 0.14.0, 0.15.0) the average time period between them was around three months.

Now the most interesting part – the content in the upcoming update.

We’re not going to tell you stories about the Ender World and the dragon, since it’s clear to everyone that Minecraft PE is getting the simple content of the PC version and it is now in the alpha stage. The PC story of November 18, 2011 is most likely to repeat, when the release version 1.0.0 came out and made a major breakthrough at the time, introducing the Ender World, Brewing and Hardcore Mode. However, the Pocket Edition has a different development type (they’re trying to add the whole new content which is also easy to write) and a different development team, but there’s alpha, beta and pre-release as well. We can only wait and hope that the Mojang AB team will often gladden us with new versions.

To begin with, let’s have a look at some of the planned things.


– Stained Glass

These blocks are quite simple to create since there are even scripts for them, which by the way turn out to be quite nice in the game.

And here’s some information for those who have no idea what it is.

Stained glass is a fully transparent block, a dyed version of regular glass. It’s mainly decorative and can be crafted from 8 glass blocks and 1 dye. Stained glass is available in 16 colors.

Stained Glass - Minecraft PE 0.17.0

– Book and Quill

Another simple item. We believe the Mojang team should have no problem adding it to the game.

Book and Quill is an item used to write written books. It is usually used to create instructions in adventure maps or in the multiplayer mode.

Book and Quill - Minecraft PE 0.17.0

– Ender Chest

This new item is quite useful as it will help you store your items in safety. It looks like a regular chest and has the same animation as well, but its main feature is the storage system. If you place two Ender Chests next to each other, they won’t join as regular chests would do. Moreover, all the items stored in the one chest will be available in the other. The Chest’s inventory is separate for each player on the server, so you don’t have to worry about your resources.

Ender Chest - Minecraft PE 0.17.0

– Banner

A banner is a two-block-tall decorative block, which can be placed onto blocks vertically or horizontally, like a sign. It also slightly waves. When crafting it, you can choose different colors and patterns which are only limited to your imagination. With banners, fortresses and castles are completely transformed, enabling the separation into fractions as well as getting a brand new look!

The following innovations are connected with generation and gameplay mechanics.

Banner - Minecraft PE 0.17.0

– Trading

It’s been a long time since Mojang planned to add Trading with Villagers in the future. Pretty much time has passed, and it’s very likely that they will add this feature in 0.17.0. Trading is a gameplay mechanic that allows players to trade emeralds for items (and vice-versa) with villagers. This is the way to obtain items which are hard to get otherwise (e.g. Chain Armor) and also an absolutely honest way to get a bottle o’ enchanting.

Trading - Minecraft PE 0.17.0

– Ocean monuments

Ocean monuments are naturally generated underwater structures that appear in deep oceans. It is constructed from prismarine decoration blocks. Gold blocks and sponges are the treasure you can find, but beware of guardians – there are plenty of these strong enemies around there. The exploration of this monument in the early stages of the game is not recommended.

Ocean monuments - Minecraft PE 0.17.0

– Jukebox and Music discs

After the promised upgrade of the sound engine, Mojang simply had to introduce these interesting features. We believe you’ll like C418’s music. A Jukebox is a special block used to play music discs found by the player. There are 12 different music discs which will drop from creepers killed by skeletons. They may also be found in dungeons (but only “cat” and “13”). Music discs are items which can be put in jukeboxes to play music right in the game.

Jukebox and Music discs - Minecraft PE 0.17.0

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Download Minecraft 0.17.0

Name Minecraft Pocket Edition
Version 0.17.0
Date 19.12.2016
ОS Android
Produser Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size  60,4 mb


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