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Download Minecraft 0.18.0 for Android for free

After Mojang released a couple of new versions of Minecraft PE, we’ve seen how much work they have done. The development team keeps pleasing us with nice updates and changes in the world of Minecraft, so we’ll probably be able to download Minecraft 0.18.0 for Android in the nearest future.

Download Minecraft 0.18.0

Minecraft 0.18.0 Release Date

Having analyzed the periods between the release dates, we can say that this version will be released approximately in February – March 2017.

Minecraft 0.18.0 Updates

Now let’s talk about the content of Minecraft PE 0.18.0.
The developers have planned a lot of functions from the PC version, which will probably be introduced in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.18.0.

Ender Chest is a block similar to a chest, but with some special features.

Ender Chest
The main one is that all the items stored in this chest are available from the same chests. In multiplayer, each player will only see their own items contained in the ender chest.
Its capacity is the same as a regular single chest – 27 slots. It doesn’t drop items when destroyed. To regain access to the items, simply open another ender chest.

Banner is a two-block-tall block. It can be placed either vertically or horizontally, like a sign.

Banner mcpe
It is used as a decoration on the walls and hills. It is mainly used as an insignia of the guild and the castle.


Jukebox is a special block used to play music discs found by the player.


Music discs are the items which can be put in jukeboxes to play different music.

Music discs
Music discs will drop from creepers killed by skeletons. You should distract the creeper so that it starts following you, and then walk in such a way that the creeper is in the middle between you and a skeleton. The skeleton will attack, but will damage the creeper instead.
Also, if you find a dungeon, there is an 8% chance that the chest will drop a music disc.

Ravine is a generated structure which is usually located underground.

Sometimes you can see them on the surface. Due to their large size, ravines often have water or lava flowing down them. Besides, they can be connected with abandoned mineshafts, dungeons and other ravines. There is a high chance of finding useful resources in the ravines.
The only reason why they hadn’t been introduced in the game earlier is because they can’t be generated using available methods. But now Mojang development team is concentrated on a new world generator, so we hope they will do great.

Polar Bears are mobs that can be introduced in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Polar Bears
Polar bears can be found in ice plains, ice mountains and ice spikes biomes.
They can be passive, neutral and hostile. The cubs are always passive, while adults are neutral, but they will become hostile if attacked by the player.

The End is the last dimension in Minecraft – it’s a dark and desolate place, consisting of one huge island about 200 blocks in diameter, surrounded at a distance of about 800 blocks by smaller islands of various size, levitating in the void.

Ender Dragon
The End is made of special blocks – end stones, which can be found only here. This dimension is populated by endermen, who rarely spawn in a normal world, and the final boss – the Ender Dragon.

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Download Minecraft 0.18.0

Name Minecraft Pocket Edition
Version 0.18.0
Date 19.12.2016
ОS Android
Produser Microsoft
Author Mojang
License Free
Xbox Live +
Size 82,4 mb


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