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Download Minecraft PE 0.16.0

Today, as you already understand, I’d like to tell about the update for Minecraft PE 0.16.0, which is not far off. Again (as in all preceding articles of this type) I want to tell that all of the updates are closing Minecraft PE to the PC version. Accordingly, release of version 0.16.0 is not the exception. Certainly it will bring in the game a lot of new, interesting and useful things! I will not bore you long time. So, let’s start to review of the innovations!

Download minecraft 0.16.0

Update Minecraft PE 0.16.0

We’ll go from big to small.

1. The End. What the End is?

The End (or the Ender World) is the third world in Minecraft (the first two are the ordinary world and the Hell (or The Nether). The End consists of several Islands floating in lifeless space. Falling from island means a death. Also in this world there are buildings, about it you can read below, in paragraph 2. Dwelling creatures, as you can understand, are Endermen, Endermite, Shulker and the Ender dragon.

By the way!

Many players of Minecraft PE don’t even know that the game have the storyline. Yes, yes – you heard right, the STORYLINE! But it is not present on the mobile platforms yet. The essence of story is so: the player needs to go to the Ender world, to engage in the battle with the Ender dragon and win it. It is just sounds simply, and to realize it is not so easy. After the death of the dragon you’ll see credits and go back to the ordinary world, where you without problems can to continue your survival.

The End.Download Minecraft PE 0.16.0

Apparently, the long-awaited The End will be added to the update 0.16.0! In the game with the new world the Ender dragon, Ender crystals and possibly dragon eggs should appear. No, it is not those whereof you thought. It is blocks-eggs; in theory new dragons will hatch from it.

Dragon. Download Minecraft 0.16.0

Dragon Egg. MCPE 0.16.0

2.New buildings.

The underwater world of Minecraft is already completely developed in the PC version of the game, and with the release of MCPE 0.16.0 it will be moved in the pocket edition! Precisely: a new form of randomly generated structures will be added – Underwater temple (Fortress) is. It will be create from new blocks that you haven’t seen in Minecraft PE yet. Well, what kind of fortress could be existed without a caretaker? Therefore, in the game the alone underwater mob Guardian will be added, about it you can read below.

New buildings 0.16.0

You will able to see in the Ender world new constructions. It will be complete cities, built from purple blocks and Ender blocks.

New buildings 0.16.0

3.The new mobs.

Also in the game new mobs will be added, that long time existed in the PC version.

Ender Dragon. One of the bosses of Minecraft, it is fueled by the energy from crystals; thereby it becomes enduring until you broken crystals.

crystal 0.16.0

Wither. Another boss is that can’t spawn randomly. If you want problems on your head, build this sculpture! You will need: 4 blocks of soul’s sand and 3 heads of the Wither Skeleton, which are not easy to obtain. But if you got all things, surely create Wither and have fun! Battle tactics of Wither is so: he throws explosive shells all around, trying to kill all alive including you. In two words – do you want excitement? Create Wither!

Wither.Download MCPE 0.16.0


Guardian is a new mob for pocket game too. It’s just an “ocean dweller”, which spawn underwater and near underwater temples. The guardian is a hostile mob, and it will always attack you. He will do it with a deadly ray, so I recommend you to be careful with this mob. There are 2 types of Guardians: normal and ancient. Ancient Guardian is different from the normal by color and size. Sometimes you can be frightened, meeting the Ancient Guardian on the depth of water where almost no light is.

Guardian 0.16.0

Guardian 0.16.0

Polar bear. Yes, this is a absolutely new mob that will spawn only in winter biomes. While we know little about it; but soon we’ll give full information about this mob.


4.New small things.


This is a special device that can endlessly circulate in a certain area one of skills. For example, there are high jump or health regeneration. But its construction needed the precious ore, such as: diamond, lazurite, iron or gold blocks. The scheme of constructing you can see in the picture. After activated the lighthouse is emits a bright beam into the sky.

Lighthouse 0.16.0

Lighthouse 0.16.0

Colored rays.

Colored rays. Minecraft 0.16.0

The colored glass.

Colored glass is needed directly for decoration of your beautiful constructions. Also, the block of colored glass can be putted on a working lighthouse, so you change color of the ray. It is easy to create colored glass as to create the colored wool. For this action you need blocks of glass, colorants of the desired color and, of course, the workbench.

… And other little things are.

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