Door Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Door Mod for Minecraft PE: make the entrance to any room unique and unusual or protect it from uninvited guests.

Door Mod for Minecraft PE

What is new in Door Mod?

Making your own home can be an incredibly interesting and exciting activity, provided that all the elements are combined and have an unusual appearance.

The authors of Door Mod offer players several variants of these objects, which perform not only a decorative function but also have practical applications. For example, Minecraft PE players can create secret passages in the wall or super modern variants.

More Variants from Door Mod for Minecraft PE

Show all your imagination to make any room diverse and amazingly beautiful and useful.


This time, the authors of the Door Mod offer players the to evaluate the possibilities of double doors. Although they take up twice as much space as standard options, they nevertheless look imposing.

Jungle from Door Mod for Minecraft PE

The entire glass version is suitable for modern buildings in Minecraft PE. By the way, this update is suitable for the creators of various maps, because the variety of objects allows them to be used in the most unusual interiors and houses.

Iron Bars from Door Mod for Minecraft PE

Another unique item is presented in this update. It is created from bookshelves and it will make a wonderful secret passage. No one but the hero himself will know about his existence.


This update for Door Mod will allow you to create new architectural solutions in the interior. The developers have created animated items that will delight Minecraft PE players with their capabilities.

Glass from Door Mod for Minecraft PE

Use the /function get_doors command to get the list of suggested options. They are suitable for buildings in a variety of styles: for a bunker, a Japanese house, or even a barn.

Bookshelf from Door Mod for Minecraft PE

Also, players can use unusual hatches in the factory and glass style. Make any space unique and protected, and create buildings of any complexity.

Download Door Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
3×3 1.14.0 – 1.20.30 Download
Animated 1.17.0 – 1.20.30 Download-Mod


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