3D Combat Mod for Minecraft PE

Download 3D Combat Mod for Minecraft PE: get maximum combat experience, use unique items that have special characteristics during battles.

3D Combat Mod for Minecraft PE

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For all fans of beautiful and spectacular battles, as well as for those who would like to improve the process of battles, the authors have created this mod. After installation, each Minecraft PE player will have at his disposal a wide variety of weapons.

The 3D Combat Mod features spears, katanas, maces, daggers, sabers, and much more. All of them are made of six basic materials that are present in the cubic world. Users can craft any of them or use the Inventory in Creative mode.

Great variety

For absolutely every Minecraft PE user to find a suitable type of weapon for themselves, the authors of 3D Combat Mod have created a huge number of options of various types and sizes.

Iron Halberg from 3D Combat Mod for Minecraft PE

Among them, are the famous Japanese katanas and another kind of wakizashi. This long sword teleports the player to the enemy to inflict the most damage. Another option is called odachi. His ability lies in the fact that the first strike will be stunning, and the second even more powerful.

Hand Blaster from 3D Combat Mod for Minecraft PE

In the iron version, this mod features a hand-held blaster that fires 3 arrows at the enemy. Unfortunately, this item is only available in Creative mode.

Golden Rapier from 3D Combat Mod for Minecraft PE

Main Features

There are two main features in 3D Combat Mod. Firstly, players can hold several types of weapons at once. To do this, they must be located in the first three slots of the hot bar.

Diamond Katar from 3D Combat Mod for Minecraft PE

The second distinguishing point is that information about their current state and level of exhaustion will be displayed on the screen during the application of items. Thus, Minecraft PE players will be able to fully control the state of weapons during the battle and adjust their actions. Check all the possibilities and use them in the fight against enemies.

Diamond Mace from 3D Combat Mod for Minecraft PE

Download 3D Combat Mod for Minecraft PE

Name Versions File
3D Combat Mod 1.20.0 – 1.20.51 Download

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